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'Well played' - Audi takes a swipe at Mercedes SA: Twitter reacts

2018-05-17 13:33

Image: Twitter / Audi SA

Janine Van der Post

Audi South Africa posted a cheeky post on Twitter on Wednesday (May 16) after an image of one of its German rival brands using an Audi Q7 was spotted online.

The post sparked much interest in Twitterville and left Tweeters anticipating some fun in the form of banter from Mercedes-Benz.

What caused the stir?

An apparent Merc advertisement shoot saw a few of the automaker's cars lined up on the side of a road alongside the beach. Ahead of the pack was a black Audi Q7 with a mounted camera.

Of course Audi South Africa took the opportunity to spot a bit of jesting.

Audi SA tweeted: "Spotted! @MercedesBenz_SA shooting their next TV commercial…using an Audi Q7. Looks like our friends really do believe in the #BestOrNothing"

Naturally, Twitter reacted:


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