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2018-04-23 10:00

Image: YouTube

If you think your daily route in traffic is arduous, spare a thought for commuters in Nepal who have to travel along perilous mountain passes.

A video, posted by YouTube user  Partha, shows an extremely narrow pass that has been transformed into a waterfall, with thousands of litres of water running down a steep embankment. Incredibly, a bus driver, transporting many passengers, negotiates the dangerous route.

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The video, taken by a passenger inside a bus, shows the bus travelling along the narrow road with no run-off, guard rails or any kind of road barrier to ensure vehicle and passenger safety. 

We've included tips on driving along mountain passes at the end of this article.

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WATCH the video below:

Mountain-driving tips

The higher the altitude, the less oxygen there is in the air. When driving at higher elevations, insufficient hydration can lead to symptoms of altitude sickness, affecting alertness.

A steep uphill/downhill can put strain on your engine and brakes. The ability to adjust your driving style is critical and an awareness of the risks are some of the most important aspects safe driving along some of SA’s mountains.

Top tips for driving along mountain passes:

  1 Obey speed limits and look for signs that warn you about steep gradients ahead.
  2 Your view could be blocked by curves, rock walls or trees along the road, so adjust your speed accordingly.
  3 Reduce speed during and after bad weather – there may be rocks and fallen trees on the route.
  4 You should be maintain a safe speed on winding mountain roads.
  5 A crash barrier or fence is not always designed to actually stop a vehicle during a crash.
  6 Only pass slower-moving traffic when you’ve have a clear view of the road ahead. Never pass another car on a blind curve or when your visibility is compromised.
  7 Mountain roads may have unlit tunnels. Double check if your lights are switched on and adjust your speed.
  8 Engage the appropriate gear before dealing with any hills and don’t get caught out trying to engage a lower gear in corners or bends.

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