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WATCH | Why the Fast and The Furious franchise should have been nipped in the bud a long ago

2020-02-04 13:00

Robin Classen

fast and furious

Image: YouTube / Universal Pictures UK

There’s something about The Fast and The Furious movie franchise that makes petrolheads come back for more no matter how outlandish or unbelievable the stunts seem to get.

The trailer for the ninth instalment in the series has officially dropped with Vin Diesel and his crew battling yet another foe. This time John Cena plays his brother and Charlize Theron as cyberhacker Cypher from the previous movie.

The three minute trailer basically tells you everything you need to know instead of hanging the carrot about your head in eagerness to want to watch it come May.

With another (final) movie planned for the future, should Universal have called it quits ages ago? Yes. Universal see the franchise as a cash cow raking in the bucks even if it means breaking away from good old-fashioned drag racing.

Do you agree that the Franchise lost the plot? If so, at which one? Email us.

vin diesel,john cena,fast and furious

                       Image: YouTube / Universal Pictures UK

Foregoing the foundation

The franchise built its foundations from illegal street racing but the plain has rapidly ascended with every movie. The premise has gone from racing to heists and cars swinging from ropes like Spiderman, while many movie critics argue that the franchise should have been nipped in the bud much earlier.

Paul Walker’s death definitely didn’t stop production on further movies and calling it quits on the seventh movie would have been fitting. Now its become merely a case of ‘Is there another one out again?’ for many people who has seen each movie through the years.

Whereas the cars were once the stars of the show, they now find themselves merely as toys being flung through the air or having jet engines fitted to the back. With each movie there is a new cast member. First Tyrese Gibson, then Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, Charlize Theron and now John Cena. It is anyone’s guess who the next person waiting in line is.

From watching the trailer, you can surmise what the plot circles around. A typical goodie vs. baddie battle will take place and it also remains to be seen whether Paul Walker’s character will be ‘revived’ at some point between now and the tenth movie.

One thing is certain, tickets will be booked in advance and cinemas will be packed. Expect it to be a box office hit yet again.

Take a look at the trailer and be the judge. Is it the new movie worth watching? You decide.

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