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WATCH: When you desperately need a drink of water and your 'Superman' friend saves the day

2018-08-19 07:49

Image: Cover Media

People often do some really silly things involving cars... but no matter how ridiculous it may be, a good laugh is still guaranteed.  

Obviously these guys planned this little stint, and they fail hard at trying to keep a straight face. We're not quite sure how it's done, but while one guy is seen driving his vehicle - while being filmed by someone in the passenger seat - a second young man appears in the window 'flying in the air' as if he was Superman himself and casually hands his friend a drink of water.

Ridiculous, we know, but you can't help chuckling along at this absurb video. Please don't try this stunt at home with your friends, it could potentially be quite dangerous. Take a look... 

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