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WATCH | This video of a confused woman trying to find a 'fuel cap' on an electric car is hilarious

2019-10-28 09:00

Janine Van der Post

tesla fuel_auto media_youtube

Image: Auto Media/ Youtube

It's never right to laugh at others' misfortunes, but even this woman chuckled at herself when someone pointed out to her that you can't 'fill-up' an electric car at a petrol station.

We came across this video which was posted by Auto Media during December 2018. Even though the incident happened almost a year ago, it's still absolutely hilarious.

No fuel needed

There are no details about who the woman is, or the guys in the car filming the incident, but their laughter is uncontrollable and contagious at the same time.

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Electric cars have been a hot topic for more than a decade and with so many electrified models on sale all around the world, it's very difficult to comprehend that someone driving a Tesla Model S would not know about this technology.

Have you been in a situation similar to the woman's, almost throwing diesel in a petrol car or not knowing where the petrol cap switch is? Email us and tell us your story.

It most probably is not her own car, and whoever the owner is, clearly did not give her any instruction - or warning.

The video starts with the woman walking around the car several times, confusingly searching for a fuel cap, she even opens the boot in error. The folks in the car continue their fit of hysteria as the woman finds the cap which opens the car's charging point, then reaches in the car for her card to swipe and pay for fuel. Even more shocking is that she tries to make the fuel pump fit into one of the smaller holes meant for the car's charging plug.

Eventually, one of the passengers jumps out of the car behind her and puts her out of her misery and explains the Tesla is an electric vehicle that does not use any fuel. She seems relieved and laughs with the man before he returns to his friends.

Watch the video below:

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