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WATCH | This SA man is such a huge Datsun fan, he has the badge tattooed on his arm

2019-09-30 10:57

Calvin Fisher

Datsun SSS_warren adams_calvin fisher

Warren Adams and his Datsun SSS. Image: Calvin Fisher

Petrolheads are a special breed of people. Often, they will collect all sorts of things from their favourite automotive brands, whether its cars, model cars of all shapes and sizes, merchandise, the list is endless. But then you find those car enthusiasts who have such a burning passion, they easily visit the extreme without thinking twice.

One such person could possibly be the biggest Datsun fan in South Africa.

Over the course of its almost 90-year history, Datsun has produced some of the most sought-after classic whips and amassed an almost cult-like following in the process. 

The brand has become an icon of motoring history for petrolheads all over the world, like Paarl’s Warren Adams – a self-confessed superfan.

So devoted is Adams - who says he has petrol in his veins - that two-and-a-half years ago had the Datsun logo tattooed on his arm.

 Datsun SSS_warren adams_calvin fisher

    Warren Adams is such a big Datsun fan, he has the brand's logo tattooed on his arm. Image: Calvin Fisher

"It was a lifelong dream of mine," he says, "Below is my late father’s date of birth. He inspired in me a passion for cars."

Adams’ father was an axeman and as a child, he would have Adams stand against the dashboard of his pickup and recite the names of the different cars passing by.

When it came time for Adams to choose his first car, he didn’t hesitate to select a Datsun.

Datsun SSS_warren adams_calvin fisher

                                     Warren Adams in his beloved Datsun SSS. Image: Calvin Fisher

Adams and his brother had both learnt to drive in one, and he was by that time already enamoured by the brand.

"One day, on our way home from school, an orange car stopped next to us and to our surprise, we saw my father behind the wheel. He told us he had swapped my Datsun for this car," he recalls, "I was furious, and he was forced to go back to the guy he had made the swap with and get my Datsun back. I never gave up on that car and I learned a lot from her.

"Today, I’m reaping the fruits of that."

Asked what most appeals to him about Datsun, Adams cites its history and reliability and the cost and availability of parts.

Datsun SSS_warren adams_calvin fisher

                                                                         Image: Calvin Fisher

"It’s also world famous," he says.

He has been buying and selling popular Datsun and Nissan models – such as the 140Z and 160Z and Skylines - since he started working.

Recently, Adams tracked down a rare 1972 SSS coupé.

"The owner was based in Grabouw and storing the car in a shed in Paarl. It was by pure luck that I spotted her standing there. I contacted the owner to get the ball rolling and eventually bought her,” he says.

He’s also currently fixing up an iconic 1969 1600 S10 that he bought earlier this month.

But there’s one car that continues to elude him – the 240Z coupé.

"It’s my dream car, I’m desperate to get my hands on one," Adams says.

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