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WATCH | This little 8-year-old cancer fighter's racetrack dream comes true at Kyalami

2019-11-14 12:18
Kagiso Mathews

Image: Izelle Hoffman

It was a dream come true for eight-year-old Kagiso Mathews, currently fighting cancer, as he received gifts and went for a spin in Porsche race car.

According to Jacardanda FM, Kagiso from Cosmo City, has been fighting life-threatening Burkitt Lymphoma.

All the support

The young lad has a love for cars and racing, never having seen or been in a real sports car, but little did he know the surprise that was in store for him.

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Good Morning Angels teamed up with Reach for a Dream, and racing driver Saul Hack, to take young Kagiso’s mind off the illness, and to help him believe in his dreams.

8 year-old Kagiso Mathews and Saul Hack

                                     Kagiso with International Porsche racing driver, Saul Hack - Image: Izelle Hoffman

Jacaranda FM says Saul Hack took Kagiso around the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in his track-ready Porsche GT3. The inside of the car had to be redesigned to accommodate a passenger seat for the little boy.

After six minutes on the track travelling at speeds of 280km/h, a smiling Kagiso had the time of his life, riding shotgun, and finally living his dream. It was to get even better for the young petrolhead.

Surely satisfied with his 'joyride', the Reach For A Dream foundation made Kagiso’s day even more special when they gifted him with a PS4, a games screen and games. They even included his favourite game, Need for Speed!

Kagiso Mathews pS4

                                                                              Image: Izelle Hoffman
Besides being a petrolhead, Kagiso is a huge dog lover and the Good Morning Angels caught wind of this, donating R10 000 towards an SPCA.

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Compiled by: Robin Classen


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