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WATCH | These slang names for turbochargers will make you LOL

2020-01-09 14:00

Robin Classen


Image: Mukund Nair

Petrolheads are a different bunch. They are the type of people that can tell you what type of car is coming down the road by the sound of its exhaust tone.

In the same breath, they are the very same folks that have the weirdest jargon for naming things, most notably when diagnosing a potential problem or a certain component - like a turbo for example.

Nicknames aplenty

The art of turbocharging has become the stand-out method of choice for automakers to not only make their cars fast, but also to save fuel as well.

WATCH | Why the 'stu tu tu' noise from your turbo might sound cool but isn't good for your engine

Believe it or not, but once upon a time and not too long ago, Volkswagen brought out the Polo GTI in 1.4-litre turbo trim and it kicked out healthy numbers.

Do you know of any other name for a turbo that we've missed? Email us and share your thoughts.

Over the years some people have become tired of having to keep saying turbo or turbocharger and in doing so, have come up with their very own names. Some of which can be modest and others simply outlandish.

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