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WATCH | These old BMW Christmas car ads will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy

2019-12-14 06:00

Janine Van der Post

bmw christmas ads

Image: YouTube / Car FanBoys

The Germans have always been considered to be a serious bunch of people, and they're not the type to leave you in stitches rather than a good chuckle. But goshdarnit, they do make some good car ads.

2019 has been one helluva year for most people around the year, and while South Africa has won the Rugby World Cup, our home-girl Zozibini Tunzi just won Miss Universe, Brad Binder will race in MotoGP next year, and loads of other SA sporting accolades, it's been rough.

We also can't forget the countless of women and children who have been murdered in horrific gender-violent crimes or caught in gang-war crossfire, and all the other deaths spurred by weather or natural environmental incidents around the world. Our souls are hurt and tired.

BUT wait, BMW...

I went off tangent a bit, but it's the time of year when we take off the dark cloaks of sadness and find some cheer.

We're smiling more, those bonus paychecks are coming in, and we are all just a bit more tolerant of each other and, spreading love and happiness.

BMW might not make the most hilarious car ads, but they sure make some good ones.

We look back at some of their best over the years, with all of it having one thing in common: bringing people together.

From Santa playing car bingo with the automaker's best cars to their electric models bringing cheer, they will all leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside and wanting to go out and hug your neighbour despite years of feuds.

Watch the video below:


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