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WATCH: These epic unloading car fails will make you cringe and eat your pants

2019-07-16 18:00
car fails

Image: YouTube

Now and then common sense seems to fail mankind, more so when it comes to the challenging task of loading or unloading exotic or classic vehicles that cost more than a limb or two.

Today's supercars have an extremely low stance and speed bumps are usually a no-go zone. So imagine trying to load, or unload, a vehicle that sits a mere couple of centimetres off the ground. It's virtually impossible.

Or, how about that rare classic that needs to be transported for some bodywork, or has to make its way to a show.

The problem most people find is not having the correct tools or rails for the job, so like the folk in the videos below, make-shift alternatives like planks or older rails then become the weapons of choice. Ultimately it turns into weapons of mass destruction, wreaking havoc and causing thousands in damages to already rare and expensive cars.

Watch these epic fails below, and you'll surely eat your pants as you cringe at the hilarious footage:

Part 2:

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