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WATCH | These birds found a home in a Toyota Corolla's wheel arch

2020-05-11 08:00
birds in wheel arch

The birds in the wheel arch.

It seems as though Toyota is not only the world's most reliable vehicle manufacturer, but is also a place where some can call home.

According to the Belfast Telegrapha family of robin birds have found a new home in the wheel arch of a parked Corolla sedan.

No place like home

The silver sedan forms part of the company's press vehicle fleet and had been parked after it returned from a long-term test.

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Furthermore, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has restricted daily driving and forced most vehicles to remain parked. This is where the birds saw the opportunity to find a new home, even if it is in the most peculiar of places.

Animals in general seem to make themselves at home in other people's home. Snakes, spiders and bees are some of the few that comes to mind.

Have any animals ever made a home in your vehicle? Email us and share your stories and photos.

Toyota staff found the bunched up mixture of leaves and twigs and noticed the nest already has six baby birds inhabiting it. They then carefully placed a GoPro camera opposite the nest to keep a close eye on their activities. The footage also shows the babies being fed by the parent.

The comfort of a Corolla

Electric power lines and roof gutters are some of the other places where birds tend to make their homes but a wheel arch of a car is not exactly the safest place in which to raise your young.

Thankfully the car wasn't moved or driven before the employees found out about it. Out of all the cars they could possibly find as a home, they chose the world’s best-selling model.

Compiled by Robin Classen


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