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WATCH | The Kreisel Brothers electrify the world and even Arnold Schwarzenegger

2020-03-13 15:00
Kreisel orange car

Image: Deutsche Welle

Three Austrian brothers started building electric vehicles in their garage and since then, has became global e-mobility leaders with their lightweight and efficient battery designs. The Kreisel Brothers, Philipp, Johann and Markus, have been involved in the electronics sector for more than 35 years and boast with an impressive client list that includes Mercedes-Benz, Audi - and even Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Kreisel Electric develops the world’s lightest and most efficient high-performance batteries for use in transport, industrial and marine applications while their E-Mobility Power Server CHIMERO plug and play system provides efficient charge points for EVs.

The brothers opened a new high-tech research and development centre in September 2017, and with it, constantly pushes the boundaries of battery production and storage packs. Philipp is the mechanical engineer, Johann is the electronics specialist and Markus is the commercial brains.

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Compiled by: Robin Classen


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