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WATCH: The Grand Tour episode 3 trailer is out

2017-12-21 11:29

Image: Supplied

Cape Town - Amazon Prime Video has released a trailer for the third episode of The Grand Tour, ahead of its release this Friday, December 22.  

Episode 3, titled ‘Bah humbugatti’, sees Jeremy Clarkson ask if Europe’s glamour set still need their jets and helicopters to fulfil a busy day of breakfasting in St Tropez, skiing in the Alps and dining in Turin or if they’d be better off with a car.

James May is on the island of Majorca reaffirming his title of ‘Captain Slow’ against some skateboarders and Richard helps to relieve some office boredom with the all-new sport of car park racing.

Celebrity Face Off is back again, and this time actor Hugh Bonneville is pitted up against naturalist Casey Anderson to find the world’s fastest person who lives with a bear. 

Watch: Grand Tour Episode 3 trailer 

Speaking about the lap Hugh said “I probably could have done my lap an awful lot faster but I had to follow the request to look after my passenger. I usually drive like an old granny, so it was truly exhilarating to be let loose on the track.

Except no-one had warned me about the gravel - that was literally a car crash waiting to happen..” Casey added “Getting out there, it was surreal. I felt like I did really well. For anyone who faces crazy stuff on a regular basis, I do that all the time, this is a little different animal, now I’m dealing with a ‘jag’ which is a car with a lot of power but I felt like I tamed that animal as good as I could’


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