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WATCH: Part 1 - A 250kW daily drive? There is nothing ordinary about this Honda 'HRX'

2019-01-31 09:19

Robin Classen

Honda CRX

Image: Ernest Page

Riyaad Isaacs' Honda CRX is the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing.

The car is dubbed the 'HRX' as Ernest Page notes as the name is derived from the H-series engine used in the build, which is also found in earlier generation Prelude and Accord models.

Pocket rocket

For starters, it is fitted with a host of 'go-faster' goodies which equates to a power figure in the region of 250kW all while still being used as a daily drive.

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Upon first glance the car looks relatively stock, bar a few exterior upgrades and the dead giveaway of the massive throttle body sticking out through the bonnet, letting you know all is not what is seems under the bonnet.

Keep your eye on the Wheels24 website and also Performance with Page for the second part and full interview with Riyaad to find out a bit more about the car.


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