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WATCH | No oil? No problem - Here's what happens to an engine when you fill it up with pancake syrup

2020-01-08 12:00

Robin Classen

Image: iStock

Just like we need water for our bodies, so do cars require oil to operate and keep everything moving as they should.

The guys from Master Milo82 is up to crazy and cringe-worthy antics yet again and this time, running an engine on pancake syrup.

How sweet the sound

Because of its viscosity and lubricating properties, oil is the only thing permitted to be thrown into an engine - the thickness of it differs according to how old or new your car is. There is a reason syrup is meant to be ingested..

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As you would expect, it completely obliterates the engine upon closer inspection as everything from pistons to conrods and the crankshaft gets burnt to a crisp due to the sweet sensation.

Like all those WWE shows says during an advert, don't try this at home.

Watch the video:

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