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WATCH: Here's why you should be careful when parking next to those who can't back out of a bay

2018-09-26 19:00

Janine Van der Post

bad parking

Image: YouTube

WARNING: This video features NSFW language

What would you do if you found your car damaged due to a fellow road user's inability to park their vehicle?

Some motorists choose to park their vehicles far away from others, hoping to avoid damage to their prized possession. Unnecessary precaution? Perhaps not when there are drivers like the one featured in this video lurking in parking lots. 

WATCH: Here's why you shouldn't be a bad parker in SA

A female driver, behind the wheel of a Ford Focus, was captured on film, damaging another vehicle while attempting to reverse out of a bay. A driver captured the destruction on camera, adding some rather colourful commentary (read: NSFW language). 

What's disturbing is that the driver of the black Focus hit a silver Toyota Camry alongside it not once, but four times. She can be seen attempting to fit a damaged hubcap back in place and wiping scratched paint off by hand.

To add insult to injury, the driver retrieves what appears to be tissue paper and a bottle of water in an attempt to clean the mess she made of the Toyota - as if it would magically wipe out the dents and scratches. 

The Focus driver eventually manages to get out of the parking space and drives off without even leaving a note. 

WATCH the video below: Please note the language used in this film is not safe for work:


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