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WATCH: Here's how Mazda is eliminating turbo lag

2018-05-07 10:08

Robin Classen

Image: Mazda motors President Takashi Yamanouchi stands beside the company's SKYACTIV-D, next-generation clean diesel engine.

Cape Town - Turbo lag is probably the worst thing to experience in a turbocharged car; that few seconds of inaction can be downright unpleasant for petrolheads.

Japanese automaker Mazda believes it has found the solution to eliminating turbo lag with its SkyActiv technology.

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The guys at Engineering Explained created a cool video highlighting the new technology: "While turbo-lag is acceptable for many, Mazda was determined to minimize its effects. The SkyActiv engine uses a technology they’re calling 'Dynamic Pressure Turbo' which uses a 4-3-1 exhaust and a set of valves that change exhaust airflow depending on the RPM.

"Along with a short exhaust manifold, valves to increase exhaust velocity, and a 4-3-1 exhaust, they aim to minimize turbo-lag while simultaneously maximizing performance and efficiency. The 4-3-1 exhaust is critical for exhaust scavenging, creating the 'ejector effect' and helping pull out remaining exhaust gases from the previous firing cylinder."

Watch the video below:

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