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WATCH: Here are the best cars to survive with during an apocalypse

2019-02-22 10:00

Robin Classen


Image: iStock

It probably won't occur in this lifetime but if an event of zombie apocalyptic proportions would occur, which car would you choose as your weapon?

The guys at Donut Media take a look at cars that would best protect you during a zombie apocalypse or any other 'end of days' scenario.

What would you choose?

Whether it is a bakkie covered in spikes or an army-specced tank with enough firepower to destroy a small town, you have to be prepared for everything.

WATCH: Bulletproof glass, electrified door handles... This incredible street-legal 'tank' has everything you need to survive an apocalypse on the road

Protection is not the only factor here because you'll need enough power to stay ahead of whatever is happening. Preferably a beefy 6 or 8-cylinder engine will do.

Watch the video:


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