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WATCH: Could this be the worst driver yet?

2017-10-14 08:00

Image: YouTube


A Chevrolet bakkie driver frustrated by another driver's inconsiderate parking, decides to take action in the most inappropriate way possible - bashing the other vehicle out of the way! Bad parkers beware...

Cape Town - Once in a while you come across someone who really does not have any skills behind the wheel, yet they're driving anyway.

We see them often on the road, they lack in confidence and drive really slow. Also, they're usually sitting right up against the steering wheel too, clutching on to it for life. And then there are those who just don't care - no indicators used, speeding, scraping the car along barriers or driving over curbs and bashing the alloys.

Then there's the special kind of motorist, like the driver in the video below. The kind of motorist who makes you want to cringe and cry yourself to sleep as they have no regard for the cars they drive, and lack all common sense or maneuvering skills to get out of tight parking spots.  

A user has posted a video on YouTube of a driver trying to to exit a courtyard. The old silver Citroen is seen repeatedly scrapped against the side of the wall as the driver battles to drive out the exit, reversing and failing several times.

At one point, one of the side panels is seen falling off the vehicle after it eventually makes it through. It's painful hearing the car's body being squashed into the wall and scrapping through. It's no surprise the car's body has several other bumps and dents at closer inspection of the video.

Have you witnessed really bad driving or parking skills from another driver? 
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It would have been much easier to drive out, had the person behind the wheel made a wider turn in the courtyard to try to drive out straight, or even driving towards the other side and reversing out.

However, judging be this footage, that would have been even more disastrous. 

Watch the painful video below:

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