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WATCH: Coolest car clubs in the world

2018-11-07 11:30

Robin Classen

car club

Image: Press Association

There are plenty of car clubs the world over each with their own signature traits that make them stand out.

Some are very public while others are maintain exclusivity. Some club members are limited to a specific car, much like the Ferrari Formula 1 Clienti.

Car family

Locally there are plenty of clubs that are brand specific and organise events such as 'breakfast runs' or track days to branch out and invite members to join for a fee. One such group is Toyota's JapMotion owners club where models from all eras are on show and enthusiasts gather to celebrate car culture.

Since we are mentioning car clubs, we can't go mentioning some of the longest-running clubs around such Xtreme Veedubz, Club S2K, Ford Novelsport Owners, Mustang Club of South Africa, Suzuki Owners Club... the list is pretty long. 

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Most clubs require a yearly membership fee that comes with a decal stickers and t-shirt to display your club.

Wheels24's Janine Van der Post used to be a member of the Xtreme Veedubz club in Cape Town: "Most car clubs take part in huge charity drives, help out sourcing vehicles for students during the Matric-Ball season and generally have a good time helping each other out. I remember the good old days of our monthly meetings, it wasn't just a gathering of a bunch of petrolheads, we were a family coming together to talk about our cars, and help out where we could. We were always planning our next event to help our communities in need. It was pretty special, and whenever you needed help with your own car, as most old Volkswagen models generally do, you could call on any one of your club members."


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