New Sasol GTC cars set for thrills

The iconic Grand Prix Circuit will present a new challenge to the GTC drivers as they tackle the country’s fastest racetrack on June 16.

Suzuki’s new Swift hatch and sedan in SA

Suzuki kicks off its new model assault with an all new Swift hatchback and standalone sedan called the Dzire.

WATCH: Car torque explained

2018-02-19 09:10

Image: iStock

New York - Have you ever wondered what exactly vehicle torque is? The guys at Engineering Explained created a cool video explaining power vs torque.

Debunking the myths 

Engineering Explained: "If you've ever tried to understand the difference between horsepower and torque, you've likely come across this silly expression: "Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall, torque is how far you take the wall with you."

"And while I created a video without the use of bad analogies to explain the difference between the power and torque, the comments were flooded with the inaccurate meme anyways. 

"Unfortunately horsepower and torque shouldn't be oversimplified to a short analogy, even if neither of them are all that difficult to understand individually.

"In this video we'll analyse the expression, and discuss exactly why it is inaccurate, what a more accurate analogy would be, and hopefully clear up additional misconceptions about power and torque through the use of dyno plots and a comparison between a diesel engine with lots of torque, versus a gasoline engine with not much power."

Watch the video below: 


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