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WATCH | Addictive Hot Wheels racing will get you through lockdown

2020-04-01 09:00

Charlen Raymond

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Image: YouTube / 3Dbotmaker

This has got to be the best thing we’ve seen all year!

The folks over at 3DbotMaker came up with a brilliant concept to pass the time. Earlier this year, the team set out to recreate some of your favourite motorsport codes using... wait for it… Hot Wheels!

The concept is simple: have a few toy cars race down a hill to see who crosses the finish line first.

It’s super amazing! Each car has an imaginary driver who has to ‘steer’ the car down the hill. Points are awarded when a driver crosses the finish line, and bonus points when you have a clean run and/or catch some air over during your drive.

The video is only 10 minutes long, but you it grips you the entire time. There’s even commentary by to give you greater context on both the event and the participating drivers.

Enjoy the most entertaining video so far this year!


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