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This cool kids' Ford activity book will make even the grown ups want to colour in during lockdown

2020-04-06 07:00

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Ford South Africa launched its new Family Fun Hub to help families pass the time during the lockdown period.

In this hub, parents can download various activities for their children. From spot the difference games to colouring books, the activities look to help pass the time.

Fighting the challenging times

Dr Herina Grobler, Occupational Medical Practitioner - Life EHS, who runs the on-site medical centre at Ford’s inland plant, says: "Staying home saves lives; it’s the only chance we have of flattening the curve. And whilst taking care of our physical health in self-isolation is important, we need to take care of our mental health too. You cannot have one without the other. They work hand in hand."

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"Regardless of what your family unit looks like, sustained periods of social isolation, restricted movement, and confinement are bound to be challenging. For families stuck indoors with small children during this time, it can be particularly trying, and even more so for those who have to carry on working from home.

"That's why Ford has launched the Family Fun Hub, with amazing ideas on how to keep your kids entertained during the stay-at-home period, so you can get some work done."


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Get it here!

The print-friendly Kids Activity Book, in PDF format, has been test-driven by Ford employees' little ones - for quality control purposes - and is designed to offer a few creative and brain-twisting distractions to keep your own little ones out of your hair for a while.

There are several sections, including a Colouring Book and a Maze, plus Connect the Dots and Spot the Difference, as well as a cool Guess the Material quiz, to engage both mini Picassos and Einsteins for at least a few hours.

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Ford SA invites users to regularly check on its Family Hub, as it promises to share more creative activities, brain-teasing quizzes, and other awesome stuff for your kids to do over the coming days.


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Compiled by: Charlen Raymond


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