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2017-05-15 10:43

Janine Van der Post



This is what great petrolhead-parenting looks like - a little girl's dream comes true when her parents arrange for her to view her favourite car, a DMC DeLorean. The twist? Her parents actually purchased the Back to The Future car!

Cape Town - At the age of four, most little boys and girls are still playing with toy cars and motorbikes, or, begging their folks to get them a bike.

A little daredevil has been riding motorcycles since he was two-years-old. Now, at age 4, he's a pro stunt rider.

Meet Tima Kuleshov from Kiev, Ukraine. Soon after he had started riding his bicycle, he participated in competitions. Next he moved on to motorcycles...of the mini variety.

A video posted on YouTube shows his fearless attitude on two wheels. It's amazing to watch him ride and perform tricks made even more awesome by the fact that he's a pre-schooler. According to Barcroft TV, Kuleshov's fastest motorbike goes 72km/h.

He was competing in events in Russia when he was only 3-years-old. His very proud parents, Alexander and Victoria says he doesn't have any competitors in Ukraine, and reckons he's quite a humble little guy. They claim he never brags, nor does he ever tell anyone he even rides motorcycles.

The Kuleshovs reckon they are a bit concerned about their safety, but he clearly has a passion for 'danger and speed' since his other hobbies include skiing and trampolining.

He's still just a child, enjoying the opportunities he is fortunate to have in his life. One YouTuber posted in the comments: "He drives like a pro but his parents need to help him to climb on his motorbike."

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Wheels24's Janine Van der Post says: "I have a two-year old girl who absolutely loves cars, motorbikes and even planes. If I had the means, I'd already want her in a go-kart honing her driving skills. Both her dad and I are petrolheads, and naturally to our delight, she's one too.

"If conditions are safe, and she has the right gear, I wouldn't have a problem with her enjoying motorsport from a very young age. In fact, the younger the better. She's pretty smart so she'd be able to learn the do's and don'ts quite easily too.

"Any form of motorsport is so expensive and if there is a means to allow children to participate, I'm all for it - provided its in a controlled and safe environment."

Health24's Stefi Herbert has 8-year old twin boys: "It's great that he's so successful, clearly he has a gift and it should be honed. One can only hope he's parents teach him about safety first. I still wouldn't let my boys do that though, even though they are really interested in motorsport."

Parent24's Zayaan Schroeder says: "This little boy seems very competent at what he does and that he’s been taught how to do this safely. Which is awesome! I wouldn’t let my 3 and a half year old ride motorbikes though but purely because he doesn’t know how to do it safely. But I don’t like motorbikes in general so as a mom I’d probably not want him to ride one as an adult either!" 


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