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These are some of the most bizarre steering wheel designs you'll ever see

2020-08-11 04:30

Robin Classen

aston martin lagonda

Image: Gear Patrol

Steering wheels have changed significantly over the last two decades. 

In the past they were as minimalist as possible and were covered with hard plastic with a tiny hooter placed in the middle. Now, you can skip songs and adjust volume all via steering wheel control buttons.

Steering wheel simplicity

While there are a number of cool-looking steering wheels, there are some that just don't make the grade when it comes to the overall design. The majority of these were designed before the 1990s.

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Whether it is finished in Alcantara leather, or have multi-functional capabilities, steering wheels come in different shapes and sizes with some better-looking than others.

A car's design plays a part in how a steering wheel is incorporated, and so everything has to flow both inside and out.

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Here are some of the most bizarre 'pilot-pointers' you'll ever come across:

1. Aston Martin Lagonda

aston martin lagonda

                                                                         Image: Gear Patrol

While many enthusiasts praised the Aston Martin Lagonda for its unique and futuristic 'wedge-shaped' design, and powerful V8 engine, it did have a small blemish - the steering wheel.

The upside down 'L' that ran parallel to the dashboard was a definite first in a car. There are others that like the design but it can be classified as not-so-appealing by today's standards.

2. Subaru XT


                                                                        Image: Short shift

It seems as though Subaru drew inspiration from a ton of first-person shooter video games and implemented that design into the pilot seat of their XT vehicle.

The steering wheel itself looks like a gun while the aircraft-inspired cabin is technology you'll see often in modern cars. The steering wheel is very much debatable.

3. Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra

                                                                                Image: Gear Patrol

This one here looks like something off of a toy car or something you would purchase at Toys 'R Us to keep your little one busy. It looks like the moment you press one of the steering wheel buttons, colours will light up.

Even though it might look like cheap plastic and not of a good quality, it makes sure to keep the 537kW Italian hypercar Pagani Huayra in a straight line - an extremely pricey supercar.

4. Citroen DS

Citroen DS

                                                                               Image: Gear Patrol

The 1955 Citroen DS was referred to by many as the most beautiful car ever made at the time but it seems as though designers spent most of their time on the outside of the vehicle and the steering wheels was a bit of an afterthought.

It was essentially a round design with a single piece of 'beam' that connected to the dashboard and rotated as you turned the wheel. It definitely fit in with the interior but this steering wheel design won't work anywhere else.

With that said, many will disagree as the Citroen DS remains a classic, even its retro steering design. 

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