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The most ridiculous car mashups you'll ever see

2017-05-18 08:55

Car Keys UK

United Kingdom - Car cross-breeding or merging cars together can be an exciting idea, however, not all mash ups would have the desired effect of what one would have in mind.

Car Keys UK thus formulated a list of car mash ups including some of the weirdest vehicle cross breeds that would meet the human eye. Check it out!

Camper-Hummer (Volkswagen Camper Van + Hummer H4)

Image by Car Keys UK

As a mashup between a Volkswagen Camper Van and the Hummer H4, the Camper-Hummer could actually be a likable merging. This kind of a vehicle would no doubt appeal to the off-roading enthusiast, those interested in all things rugged and tough.

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Car Keys said: "One for the avid adventurers. Who said off-road camping wasn’t a thing? Modernising a VW camper van and merging it with the Hummer H4, this monster machine of dirt track mayhem is capable of scaling the steepest inclines. Forget hiking… mountain top camping just became easy, comfortable and fun!"

Jultipla Renegade (Fiat Multipla+Jeep Renegade)

Image by Car Keys UK

Mixing family focused Fiat Multipla with that of the outgoing Jeep Renegade produces a vehicle of odd proportions. Giving the conservative Multipla a new look sees it sporting the Jeep's wheels and grille.  

Car Keys said: "Fiat’s Multipla can certainly be considered as a family favourite. Very rarely leaving the suburban streets, we decided to give this baby some teeth."

Amalgamating the Multipla’s body with the Jeep Renegade’s chassis, bumper, grill and wheels, we’ve created a force to be reckoned with. Forget suburban estates – try intrepid exploring.

McLaren Prius1 (Toyota Prius - McLaren)

Image by Car Keys UK

Arguebly the most fascinating car on this list, the 'Prius McLaren' would turn heads and confuse many car enthusiasts.The Prius is known for its eco-friendly status, while the McLaren is supercar royalty. This then makes for a really odd combination.

Car Keys said: "If there’s one car that still pushes the limits of controversy, it’s the Toyota Prius. Both loved and hated, this budget friendly hybrid isn’t renowned for its exquisite sporting style.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the McLaren P1; lavish, swift and expensive. But mixing the two together proved to be… surprising. It shouldn’t work but… it does!" 

Robin X(Reliant Robin +Tesla Model)

Image by Car Keys UK

Here the sleek Tesla X meets the three-wheeled Reliant Robin and after the mashup, the 'Robin X' as it is known, remains a three-wheeler. If this was a shot at bringing back three-wheeled vehicles, it would definitely be a valiant effort.

Car Keys said: "If Elon Musk and Del Boy decided to create a car, this would be it. Completely reinventing the classic Reliant Robin with the clean, technological polish of the Tesla X’s engineering and style, this concoction is definitely worthy of the roads. Let’s kill the stigma and make delta cars great again!"

LaTwizari (Renault Twizzy+Ferrari LaFerrari)

Image by Car Keys UK

In a Renault and Ferrari collaboration, the smart, one-seater twizzy teams up with the beautiful LaFerrari. The result? A strange looking mini-ferrari with one seat that will cause a few hilarious facial expressions. 

Car Keys said: "Ferrari’s LaFerrari and Renault’s Twizy are well recognised but for completely different reasons. So, we thought what the hell, let’s mix them together and see what we get and… Well, this is what we got.

Looking like a toy car that never made the shelves, we’re sure you’ll agree, this one should never blister the roads of planet earth."

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