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Surprise! Here's which supercars South Africans love the most

2016-12-20 09:13

TOP IN SA: Ferrari is the most popular supercar brand in South Africa. Image: QuickPic


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay made a cool clip after he found a massive 'spider' in his driveway... it turned out to his latest acquisition; a 710kW LaFerrari Aperta.

James Barnes

Cape Town - Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini... Supercars are what dreams are made of. Quite often dream cars are the catalyst of reaching our goals, whether you're a businessman, a car designer or even a motoring journalist. 

An avid data specialist has sourced information from Facebook Audience Insights and conducted a study into the distribution and density of supercar fans around the world.

James Barnes says his company has focused on Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, McLaren, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Noble and Maserati.

So who's the most supercar crazy nation? Is Germany really Noble’s most fervent fan base? Which country tops Italy as the biggest Ferrari fans?

According to Barnes' study, New Zealand is the most supercar crazy nation, while USA doesn't seem to care.

How did they do it?

Barnes says: "We reviewed data for all supercar brands in our dataset and calculated the degree to which each country liked supercar brands more than the average worldwide.

"In terms of raw fan numbers, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban understandably dominate for all brands.

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"South Africa ranks 76th globally. And, Pagani is the only supercar brand in South Africa that has an above average concentration of fans compared to the global average."

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So how does this work?  

For example, the United Arab Emirates rank top for Ferrari, which means that they have the greatest percentage of Facebook users that liked the Ferrari fan page.

"So although in raw audience numbers Pagani is the 8th most popular Facebook page for supercars in South Africa, it's actually the only only brand that's above the global average for fan percentage", says Barnes. 

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"I think it's interesting, because we all know Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini will be top in most countries for raw fan numbers, but you might not have guessed that South African Facebook users like Pagani more than the average country."

Barnes studied South Africa's data and came up with the following by researching the the concentration of fans across the 10 supercar brands compared to the global average. 

The concentration of supercar brand fans in South Africa

• Ferrari:  64th globally - 44% below average
• Lamborghini: 55th     - 33% below average
• Porsche: 74th - 56% below average
• Aston Martin: 46th - 22% below average
• McLaren: 52nd - 56% below average
• Pagani: 28th - 33% above average concentration of fans
• Koenigsegg: 49th - 22% below average
• Bugatti: 57th - 44% below average
• Noble: 39th - 89% below average
• Maserati: 54th - 33% below average

Raw number of fans for each supercar brand in South Africa
Ferrari: 275 000
Lamborghini: 255 000
Porsche: 190 000
Aston Martin: 122 500
Maserati: 105 000
Bugatti: 62 500
Koenigsegg: 12 250
Pagani: 8 500
Mclaren: 5 000
Noble: 125

Click on the Infographic below to view more information by clicking on the word brands or popular in the top right hand corner. Or, click on the countries.

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