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Meet Smokey Nagata

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SEE | These cool Christmas-themed vinyl-wrapped cars on Instagram will make Santa Claus proud

2019-12-18 07:00

Robin Classen

Christmas car

Image: Instagram/shreddedtitty

Gammon, trifle and Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas' sing-along hit - that is the combination that lets you know it is truly the festive season in South Africa.

With just a week left until Christmas, people are well in the festive spirit, decorating their homes and stuffing presents under the tree. Petrolheads have followed suit with their cars.

A different type of wrapping

Vinyl wrapping has become a popular form of aesthetic tuning both locally and abroad, providing a unique visual representation while also protecting a car's paintjob at the same time.

SEE | These 5 Red and White coloured cars are perfect for Christmas

The cool thing about these wraps is the fact that you can take it off and replace it with something else, depending on how you feel or wanting to perhaps stay with the seasonal traditions.

Red and white are the trademark colours of Christmas and some of these cars would be a worthy adversary to Santa Claus' legendary sleigh.

Here are a few examples:


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