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SEE | 6 old and new cars that could give you a 'loving' feeling

2020-02-14 10:00

Michelle Lewis

rolls royce rose phantom

Image: Twitter / Portal4Cars

February is the month of love – so it’s synonymous with red roses, bubbly and chocolates. But, for many, there's something else than can bring an immense feeling of love, and that's a car. 

There have been so many movies where cars are featured around the theme of love, whether it's The Driver, Grease, Herbie the Love Bug, or Thelma & Louise, we can all think of a romantic story. 

However, besides movies, so many manufacturers have come up with cool features that make their cars a little bit more romantic than others, and possibly even more than your own loved one. According to George Mienie, AutoTrader CEO, Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate these six seriously loved-up cars!

1. Herbie the Love Bug

A 1963 Volkswagen Beetle, Herbie burst onto screens in the 1968 feature film, The Love Bug. "Despite its romantic name, Herbie was actually a racing car that starred in several Walt Disney motion pictures. The ‘Love Bug’ name alludes to the fact that Herbie wanted to bring the two lead characters in the movie together,” explains Mienie.

2. Opel Adam 1.0T Glam

Launched locally in January 2015, this Adam had a feature that tickled romantics pink. "It came with either a panoramic sunroof or a segment first – the 64 Starz Headliner. This innovative feature – made possible thanks to the fitment of 64 individual LEDs – mimicked a starry night’s sky,” reveals Mienie.

3. Any vehicle with a bench seat

Who can forget the classic 1948 Ford Convertible from Grease, with its bench seat? This feature in a car is great for snuggling. "Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a modern car with a bench seat,” comments Mienie. "

These features are mostly limited to bakkies, sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans today. And, quite often, the middle spot in these bench seats is small and uncomfortable. Those couch-like bench seats appear to be a thing of the past."

Pictured below is also a 1966 Mercury Comet Caliente convertible.

4. Ford Mustang

Ford launched its fifth-generation Mustang in 2005, and it offered a really romantic feature. “Drivers could mix or match the interior lighting of the car; over 125 colours were up for grabs,” explains Mienie.

In 2008, Ford introduced a new interior ambient lighting package on selected Mustangs – and drivers could illuminate the footwells and cupholders with one of seven colours (red, orange, blue, indigo, violet, green or yellow).

ford mustang interior lights_ford

                                              Image: Ford

5. Tesla vehicles

In December 2018, Tesla updated its firmware, and it launched Romance Mode. “Incredibly, the Romance Mode turns the Tesla’s centre display into a roaring fire. It also turns up the heating and plays a selection of romantic music – such as Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing,” says Mienie.

6. Rolls-Royce Rose Phantom

Romance and roses go hand-in-hand, right? How about hundreds of roses? That’s exactly what a Stockholm-based entrepreneur with an extraordinary passion for flowers decided to do to a Phantom.

"The flowers aren’t real; they are stitched inside the car," Mienie reveals. “They’re everywhere: on the insides of the doors, across the roof lining, on the upholstery … this unique vehicle, only available to particularly well-heeled motorists, is something very special."

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