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One mean mower: Honda wants to break speed record by doing 240km/h in a lawnmower

2018-07-06 20:00

Robin Classen

Image: Honda

Honda has built a fully functional lawnmower capable of doing 240km/h.

So why exactly is Honda going to such crazy lengths? Simple. They plan on breaking a previous record and reclaim the throne of world's fastest lawnmower.

One mean mower

According to The Drivethe 999cc motor is stock and produces around 140kW (189bhp) with a host of other additions including a six-speed sequential manual transmission and Hoosier racing slick tyres.

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The original record held by Honda was 186km/h which was then broken by a Norwegian Speed Factory Team with a speed of 215km/h.

What is even more crazy is that it still operates as a fully functional lawnmower ready to cut - all that power and so little grass.

Listen to the startup and revving of the lawnmower:


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