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Modified car life: the unforgettable 'ricer' culture of the 2000s

2019-10-10 13:29

Robin Classen

Civic Bugatti

Image: Twitter

When the first Fast and the Furious movie was released in 2001, it opened a can of worms that became the rice culture. 

Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker -  who were better known as Brian O'Connor and Dominic Toretto - and the rest of the crew drove cars fitted with unique bodykits, chromed alloys, and side windows and front fenders littered with branded stickers.

Not long after, there was an influx of pictures on the internet showing family cars fitted with large bumpers, towering rear wings or spoilers, and Lamborghini-styled doors. Under-car neon lighting and the 'this sticker adds 10kW' soon followed thereafter.

More rice with that?

Drivers of these 'riced' rides also came with their own stigma as being loud-mouthed, and often wearing large chains. Type 'ricer cars' into Google and there will be no shortage of material available for you to search through.

Has this trend died down, or do motorists still do crazy aesthetic modifications to their cars? Or, perhaps you have some pictures of your old car and the mods you had done? Email us and tell us your story.

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It wasn't long until the trend reached our local scene with a variety of old Elantra's, Ford Ka's and Ballade's being the ones falling victim to race-inspired spoilers and branded decals covering the passenger side window.

The thing with mods, especially aesthetic ones, is that you simply can't buy something meant for one car and make it fit onto another. The Pimp My Ride TV show was one such example where car customising was taken to a completely different level. To be fair, that was the popular scene back then, and it was embraced as such.

We can laugh at the memes and memories now but once upon a time ricers roamed the street in numbers. Just like the Fiat Multipla, it actually happened and can't ever be forgotten.

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