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Manual vs Automatic cars: Is it okay to skip gears?

2018-04-19 09:25

Image: Supplied

Los Angeles - Have you mistakenly pulled away in your car in second gear? Were you shocked that it worked (albeit a little sluggish). 

The trusty team on the Youtube channel Engineering Explained delve into whether or not it's a good idea. Read their caption and watch the video below to put this debate to bed...once and for all. 

Engineering Explained: "Is it okay to start in second gear? Whether you drive an automatic, manual, or dual clutch transmission, occasionally the advice comes up: start in second gear. Why might this be? Perhaps if you're about to start accelerating downhill, perhaps if you're in the snow and you want to minimise wheel slip, or perhaps you've made up your own reason. 

"Whatever you ultimately decide on, this video will break down exactly what's happening with your engine and transmission depending on which gear ratio you choose to select. As is always the case, there are reasons why you may want to, and reasons why you might not want to, for each individual transmission style."


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