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Lego celebrates the greatest female racer ever

2020-03-11 14:30

Lance Branquinho


Image: Audi Spain

Lego has immortalised one of the most significant drivers in history.

The Danish toy company has vast reverence within the automotive industry and with car fans.

Many of the world’s most esteemed brands allow Lego industrial designers individual preview access to their pre-production cars, ensuring that when a new model is launched, there is an accompanying Lego collector’s version.

But the biggest Lego news of 2020 thus far, is unquestionably the announcement of an extraordinary offer by Audi.

The German company, best known for its Quattro drive technology and success in WRC, will now offer owners of the Audi S1 Lego set a mini-figure of Michelle Mouton.

Do you think Audi South Africa should make tis available to local Quattro fans? Email us. 

The dashing French driver is still regarded as one of the bravest and most talented racers in history.


                                Image: Audi Spain

A serious rival

Mouton become the first women to win a round of the WRC and very nearly the entire championship in 1982, cruelly missing out by the slimmest of margins.

During her competition years, she had a glamourous appearance but was more than a rival for her male Group B rallying competitors. Mouton’s legend has only grown in time, as the virtual gaming world made a new generation realise how fast and dangerous Group B rallying was in the mid-1980s, where she was always threatening for a win.

With reflexes and a temperament forged by her youth on France’s ski slopes, Mouton power oversteered through an amazing rallying career, from 1974-1986. She remains by far the most regarded and successful woman in the history of motorsport.

Perhaps Mouton’s greatest achievement was her dominance of American rivals at the intimating and potentially lethal Pikes Peak Hillclimb in 1985. At the Coloradoan event, Mouton arrived with her Audi Quattro rally car and schooled proven Pikes Peak Hillclimb specialists, powering sideways around corners with sheer drop-offs and no guardrails. She won the event and set a new course record.

Audi holds Mouton in such high regard that the company’s Spanish office has initiated a very novel way of celebrating her during women’s month.

If you share an image of your S1 Quattro Lego car on social media, with the #ElPilotoEsElla hashtag, they’ll send you a Michelle Mouton mini-figure. It is a limited edition Lego production, so demand might overwhelm supply.

Audi has also narrowed this campaign to people living in Spain, but if you love the Michelle Mouton story (and who doesn’t?), perhaps it’s worth pinging Audi South African to ask for something similar…


                                Image: Audi Spain

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