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Grim sale - This rare 1968 V8 Ford Mustang was sold with the ashes of original owner inside

2019-06-15 09:00
1968 mustang

Image: Facebook / Corner Classics

When buying a used car, it's not uncommon for the seller to leave behind some items. Usually this amounts to trash and nothing a spring clean won't remedy.

Buyer Zach Taylor purchased a rare 1968 Mustang V8 - a rare find for any petrolhead. Unfornately, inside the muscle car he discovered the remains of the original owner.

According to a post via the MustangFanClub page, the muscle car had been parked inside of a barn in Florida since 1970 when the original owner, James, passed away.

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1968 mustang

                                                                                              Image: Facebook / Corner Classics

Bruce, a good friend of James, asked the family if he could purchase the vehicle from them and they agreed. The vehicle then moved to North Carolina with Bruce where he was unable to find time to repair the vehicle.

He then put the Mustang on Craigslist, where Georgia car collector, Taylor eventually purchased the car.

1968 mustang

                                                                                        Image: Facebook / Corner Classics

When Taylor went view the vehicle, he noticed a strange jar inside and asked Bruce what it was, to which he replied that it was in fact Jame's ashes. Bizarrely, he also stated that the two are to be kept together.

After seven months of back and forth, not being able to decide if he wants the car or not, Zach finally purchased the car for $7000 (R10 4028). After deciding that the car was too far gone for him to repair, he put it back on Craigslist.

1968 mustang

                                                                                              Image: Facebook / Corner Classics

The vehicle was recently sold to a car restoration shop in the UK for $23 000 (R341806) reports Jalopnik.

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Corner Classics are Ford specialists. Owner, Colin Budden told Fox News Autos that he over the years, he owned 25 Mustangs and currently has 5.  

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Budden plans on working the ashes into the chassis, so James will remain with the car forever and hopes for the job to be complete in 6 months to a years time. 

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