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'Ford Beetle', 'Porsche 350Z'... Here's what 3 popular cars would look like if automakers collaborated to create insane concepts

2018-11-16 10:30
Nissan-Porsche graphic

Image: Budget Direct

Earlier in November, we looked at what three cars could look like if automakers teamed-up to birth a insane love child.

The cool folks at BudgetDirect said: "Automakers have been coming together since the dawn of the industry, falling apart and striving to evolve into something new.

"With the brave new technological world of driverless cars and the disappearance of the combustion engine fast approaching on the horizon, it will be no surprise if various manufacturers start teaming up to share knowledge and try to get ahead of the pack.

BMW and Lambo, Bentley and Ferrari... Here's what 3 cars would look like if automakers teamed up

The first three cars we looked at were concepts between Bentley and Ferrari, BMW and Lamborghini, and Dodge and Chevrolet.

With this in mind, they have created a series of renderings to show what would happen if some of the biggest names in the business joined forces.

Read the original article here.

Which one of these three car collaborations would you not mind seeing go into production? Click on the vote button on the top right of each image below.


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