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#FlashbackFriday: This hilarious Audi parking battle video will hit home when you go Christmas shopping

2019-12-13 05:01

Janine Van der Post

Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Finding a parking bay during the week before Christmas takes patience, skill, and fast pedal work. This will most likely be you in a few days!

When it's the festive season, people tend to get more than just a little bit crazy with shopping, but trying to find a parking spot outside can be an even bigger nightmare.

Audi made this hilarious video of two Audi RS drivers battling to find a parking spot outside a shopping centre last year, but it was so funny, and still rings so relevant this time of year, we just had to dig it up again out of the archives. Of course it also shows off the sporty characteristics and superb handling of the RS 3 and RS 7 models. 

The two drivers fight for various bays with no luck and eventually race for a spot on a sort of ramp. Gritted teeth, frantic searching, sweat dripping, and the endless rush of trying to get things done, we all know it too well.

The video ends with the two bumping trolleys inside the store again, looking flustered, and then have to race for the last soft toy as a gift.

Does this funny ad remind you of yourself or, have you seen similar crazy behaviour while shopping during the festive season? Email us

Watch the video below:


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