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Dua Lipa and Jaguar team up to empower fans through music

2018-09-06 09:50

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British/Kosovan singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has collaborated with Jaguar to make music in a completely new way.

Using Jaguar’s custom-made software, she created an exclusive remix of her latest track, ‘Want To’ and empowered fans all over the world to create personalised remixes using their own data – from the way they drive, the songs they listen to, or by tapping a rhythm on a mobile.

A wide variety

Over a million different remixes are possible, with multiple tempos and versions based on a range of music genres from hip-hop and dance, to orchestral, pop music and drum and bass.

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The track has already become the most remixed song in history following its launch at an exclusive gig at Sugar City in Amsterdam, where music fans and stars from across Europe, including supermodel Doutzen Kroes and actress Alix Benezech, drove the all-electric I-Pace to create their own versions.

To create her own remix of 'Want To', the singer drove the I-Pace, and her style of driving was captured by the car’s intelligent sensors. From the amount of electrical energy consumed, to the way she accelerated and braked, the data captured was used to influence the track; from the tempo to the arrangement and the overall feel.

The Dua Lipa x Jaguar version of 'Want To' appears on the album 'Dua Lipa The Complete Collection', released this Friday, 7 September.

"I’m so excited to collaborate with Jaguar and push the boundaries of music and technology for my fans. It’s pretty mind-blowing that anyone can create their own unique version of my single ‘Want To’ based on the way they drive a Jaguar, or what music they listen to.

It’s crazy to think that the data from my drive in the electric I-Pace can alter the energy of my music to create a totally new and incredible sound," Speaking at the track’s launch in Amsterdam, Dua Lipa said.


                                                                    Image: Newspress

It’s not only drivers who can remix the track, music fans across the globe will also be able to create their own versions of the Dua Lipa song by using Jaguar’s clever remix software here.

This innovative app allows users to remix the Dua Lipa track using their Spotify streaming history – taking data from the music they listen to and rearranging elements of the track to create a personalised version.

From the average tempo of your playlists to the mood and energy of the music you stream most often, the data is used to conduct a remix just for you. Those without a Spotify account can also create a remix in the app by tapping their mobile to ‘set the pace’ of a new version of the song.

All remixes can then be shared via the user’s social channels.

Jaguar and Technology innovations

This collaboration of music and technology is the latest example of Jaguar creating a more connected experience between a driver and their car. In-car Jaguar technology such as InControl and Smart Settings monitors the driver’s style and preferences and adjusts the settings to improve their experience.

"Thousands of intelligent sensors are fitted to all Pace cars and respond to the driver, their driving style and the surroundings to personalise the driving experience and excite the senses. Capturing data from inside and outside the car during every drive allows us to customise the car to every driver.


                                                                       Image: Newspress

We could see this type of music technology built into every Jaguar in the future, so the in-car entertainment moves evolves and adapts to you – creating an even more connected experience. This would mean working with more music artists in the future to create similar tracks that can respond to the way you drive.

We already use InControl data to continuously improve vehicles over time, and with the advent of over-the-air software updates, it means we will be able to enhance customer cars and even fix issues remotely, without the customer needing to visit a dealer," Connected Car engineer, Matt Peirce, explains.

How the technology works

Every specific Pace models in the range has thousands of intelligent sensors that collect data designed to improve the driving experience. Everything from the driving style to the chosen settings is captured.


                                                                   Image: Newspress

Six different data sets are collected from each journey using Jaguar’s InControl infotainment system. This can include information on braking and accelerating, energy captured through regenerative braking and electrical energy consumption, to average vehicle speed and direction.

This information is sent by the car remotely to the cloud using its 4G connectivity. The 'Dua Lipa x Jaguar' track uses this data from the car, together with state-of-the-art software, to give you a personalised remix.


                                                                      Image: Newspress

From the web-based app, there is the option for Spotify users to remix the track using streaming history data: the music styles you most often listen to, the average tempo of those songs etc. This information is used to rearrange and remix the Dua Lipa song, to personalise it for every user.

Those who do not have a Spotify account can create a remix by tapping the screen of their mobile device to set a pace and the app will generate a version of the song that is matched to the speed and rhythm of their taps.

Creating the most remixed song in history

To make it possible for everyone to remix the Dua Lipa x Jaguar track, a specialist music production team deconstructed Dua’s master version, taking the core essence of the track and stripping it down into its component parts, exploring how the song could be rearranged by adjusting mood and style, instrumentation and tempo.

Over 3,500 audio stems were created through this process and these are the ingredients for every remix – the components that sit within a state-of-the-art intelligent piece of software, ready to be arranged by data from the car, Spotify streaming history or a pace set by the user.

"The six datasets captured from each drive in a Jaguar I-Pace are used to conduct the track.


                                                                       Image: Newspress

Every driver’s data 'fingerprint' from their journey specifically selects the mood, tempo, intensity and complexity of the remix – and chooses melodies, sounds and drum beats from a palette of instruments. The track effectively responds to the pace and style of your drive," says Tor Castensson, from software technology partner, Plan8.

"It works like a combination lock: there are five sections of every track, like five reels of a lock.

The data from different parts of driver’s journeys selects the mood and style in a number of different ways; effectively turning every reel, to select a different combination.

The software seamlessly blends the music together so it works as one cohesive remix. Each reel has hundreds of different possible audio stems, so there is the potential for millions of versions of the track," Ben Sumner, from Jaguar’s music production partners, Feel for Music, explains.

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