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DRAG RACE | Battle of the SUVs: Porsche Macan Turbo vs Audi RSQ3 vs Alfa Romeo Stelvio SV

2020-05-25 12:30

Sean Parker


SUV drag race. Image: Youtube

SUVs... they're getting bigger at the one end, and smaller at the other. That might sound confusing, but take a look at how every model with slightly increased ride height is labeled an SUV by their manufacturer. 

It's absurd. 

SUVs have also become fast, very fast. In the past six months I've driven the ferociously quick Porsche Macan Turbo and Alfa Romeo's impressive Stelvio QV, an SUV powered by a Ferrari engine. 

Incidentally both use a 2.9-litre turbocharged engine with over 300kW. And that brings me onto a drag race between the German and the Italian, oh and another German too, in the form of Audi's new RSQ3 Sportback

It uses Ingolstadt's bespoke 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbocharged engine, but weighs less than the other two protagonists. 

The trio all send power to four wheels, but feature systems that can distribute more power to each axle when necessary. 

They're performance cars, but with more space. The Stelvio QV is one of the best handling cars I've driven in ages, and the Macan Turbo offers serious punch off the line. 

Let's see who wins the performance SUV drag race, but first a word from the team at Carwow

Carwow says: "It's time for a seriously hot SUV showdown! Mat's lining up in the Macan Turbo, which is powered by a 2.9-litre turbo V6 producing 324kW! He's alongside a Stelvio Quadrifoglio, which is also powered by a 2.9-litre V6, although the Alfa produces 380kW!

"As for the final contender, it's the RSQ3 Sportback! You may think it's a little out of its depth against these contenders, given it's only packing a 2.5-litre turbo."


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