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Crazy! Driver crashes into stationary police vehicle on highway

2017-04-21 10:38

DRIVER SMASHES POLICE CAR: During a routine police traffic intervention, a driver is seen smashing into the back of a police vehicle.Image: Instagram

Texas  -  During a routine police traffic intervention, a driver is seen smashing into a vehicle, which appears to be the the back of a police car on a freeway.

The video was posted online by ABC News on their Instagram account.

The strange thing about the incident is that while the police vehicle is stationary, with its lights on, it appeared to have been a highway free of traffic. This further questions the driver's awareness, given the motorist had enough room to overtake the cop car.

In 2016, Wheels24 reported on a group of car thieves in what appears to be a planned heist of a Ford dealership in Frankston in Victoria, Australia.

The thieves reportedly stole seven vehicles, including a Mustang which crashed into a cop car.

Read the full story here.

Also, earlier in 2016, Wheels24 reported that a driver crashed his car while playing Pokémon GO. The driver was distracted behind the wheel and smashed his ride into a tree.

Pokémon GO had enjoyed phenomenal success since being launched earlier in 2016. Sadly, many drivers were less concerned with concentrating on the road ahead than the pursuit to 'catch them all'. 

This has led to bizarre road incidents.

Read the full story here.

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