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Car wash heaven: Here's why giving your vehicle some TLC forms an intricate bond - reader

2019-10-09 12:00

Warren Wilson


Image: Warren Wilson

'Washing your car is not just about soapsuds and water. It's about tapping into an intimate relationship with your ride', writes Wheels24 reader Warren Wilson.

As a petrolhead, I like having my car clean. And if it’s not fresh, it eats away at me. I have to keep my hand on my Suzuki Swift Sport at all times.

Car washes I don’t visit that often and I'll much rather spend two hours taking care of it myself. Two hours and that excludes the prep work!

Yes, I prepare my tools for washing; sometimes the evening before the planned wash day.

But I’ll be honest: even though it’s bonding time with the car, there are days when the hours in a day does not allow me to wash it, and going to the car wash down the road is a simple “No!” from me.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand how a car wash serves its place in our economy.

How often do you wash or clean your car? Do you have a special method or place of preference to have it washed? Email us.


                                 Image: Warren Wilson

Trust is key

A few months ago, I met Dave Blackman on a local classic car breakfast run here in Cape Town and learned that he is the storage manager at Crossley & Webb. For those that know, a visit to this institution’s showroom and luxury vehicle storing facility always makes me wonder where my life went wrong. 

Long story short, during numerous conversations with Blackman and finding out more about Crossley & Webb, I eventually became a customer. Now and then, I contact him to ask what the schedule looks like. Most of the time, a simple "I have a slot for 8am or 11am" is usually his response. I am, of course, referring to the idea of having an onsite wash bay for my "normal" car at Crossley & Webb.

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I remember the excitement I had the first time I visited them. I drove into the shop, and a few classic Lotus’ and Porsches were on my right, a green 1973 Carrera RS on my left, and above it a 1978 Corvette on a lift. Not long after I parked, a Ferrari 599 GTB pulled up behind me. After a quick chat with Blackman, he urged me to try a coffee from the onsite barista and to explore the rest of the shop while my car was prepped for its wash.

I noticed all their equipment (towels, wash mitts, blowers, pressure washer), which made walking away and turning my back on my beloved little Swift effortless. My confidence and trust in the wash bay staff rose to an even greater height. I can’t say that I’ve ever felt so at ease with someone else washing my car.

                                 Image: Warren Wilson

Inspection, sir?

While waiting for the process to be completed, I met the assistant detailer, who did a quick inspection of the state of my car’s paint. Granted, I knew the paint was not perfect, but to have a professional looking at it during the drying process had me inspired to one day (soon) achieve a flawless finish on this car.

As my car rolled out of the wash bay, the person responsible for cleaning my car had so much pride in his work that he was walking around it with his drying towel - ensuring it is as clean as one of their showroom Porsche 911s. I appreciated this. The shared my care and pride. This is me when I washed my car, I thought to myself.

I believe the Crossley & Webb wash bay is not only for that 458 Italia or Jaguar E-Type but also for us 'average Joe' petrolheads. It allows you to take your car somewhere you have the confidence that your ride will be cared for; even if it’s just for a standard weekly wash. A treat for your car here is a bit more expensive than at the car wash down the road, but if you love your car, it will be all worth it. 

                                 Image: Warren Wilson

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