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#Bustrike: 'You're lucky if you get in' - video shows insane overloaded taxi

2018-04-26 13:00

Image: Twitter

Cape Town - The national bus strike has left many commuters stranded, seeking alternate means on transportation.

A video posted on Twitter highlights the effects of the bus strike as many desperate commuters overload a taxi.

Arrive Alive said: "This is heart breaking to watch. Our thoughts go out to those who are under pressure to reach their places of work and keep the jobs needed to feed their children.

From a road safety point of view it is important to remind all road users of the dangers of overloading a vehicle."

Overloaded vehicles threaten road safety and contribute to many of the fatal accidents on our roads. An overloaded vehicle will not only put the driver at risk but also passengers and other road users.

Overloading a vehicle can pose the following risks:

1 The vehicle will be less stable, difficult to steer and take longer to stop. Vehicles react differently when the maximum weights which they are designed to carry are exceeded.
2 Overloaded vehicles can cause the tyres to overheat and wear rapidly which increases the chance of premature, dangerous and expensive failure or blow-outs. 
3 The driver’s control and operating space in the overloaded vehicle are diminished, escalating the chances of an accident.
4 The overloaded vehicle cannot accelerate as normal – making it difficult to overtake.. 
5 At night, the headlights of an overloaded vehicle will tilt up, blinding oncoming drivers to possible debris or obstructions on the roadway. 
6 Brakes have to work harder due to ‘the riding of brakes’ and because the vehicle is heavier due to overloading.
7 Brakes overheat and lose their effectiveness to stop the car.
8 With overloading, seat belts are often not used as the aim is to pack in as many persons as possible into the vehicle. 
9 The whole suspension system comes under stress and, over time, the weakest point can give way. 
10 By overloading your vehicle you will incur higher maintenance costs to the vehicle – tyres, brakes, shock absorbers and higher fuel consumption
11 Insurance cover on overloaded vehicles may be void as overloading is illegal


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