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Are those spikes fitted to that car? What the law says about dangerous mods

2018-03-21 13:00

United States - A car was spotted in the US with what appears to be dangerous modifications to its wheels.

A video uploaded by RM videos said: "This car was not like the other vehicles that surrounded it. As it drove down the highway, a set of wire rim swingers protruded more than a foot outwards from all four of its tyres."

Car mods in SA - have you spotted vehicles on our roads with dangerous mods? Email us

Find out what the law says about overhanging parts fitted to your vehicle below the clip.

Watch the video below:

We looked at what the law says about driving around with regards to parts hanging from a vehicle: 

The Rules of the Road and Overhang from a vehicle: 

Projections in case of vehicle other than motor cycle, motor tricycle or pedal cycle
Reg 227. (1) No person shall operate on a public road a vehicle, other than a motor cycle, motor tricycle or pedal cycle-

(a) carrying any goods which project-
(i) either side of the longitudinal centre-line of the vehicle by more than

(aa) in the case of a bus contemplated in regulation 223(a) or a goods vehicle contemplated in regulation 223(b), one comma three metres; or

(bb) in the case of any other vehicle, one comma two five metres: Provided that any side mirror or direction indicator on the vehicle shall not be taken into account;
(ii) more than 300 millimetres beyond the front end of the vehicle; or
(iii) more than one comma eight metres beyond the rear end of the vehicle; or

(b) of which

(i) the front overhang, together with any projection, exceeds the front overhang as provided in regulation 226(1)(b); or

(ii) any bracket projects more than 150 millimetres beyond the widest part of the vehicle.

(2) No person shall operate on a public road a vehicle or combination of vehicles where the combined length of such vehicle or combination of vehicles and any projection exceeds the overall length prescribed in regulation 221 for such vehicle or combination of vehicles.

Via Arrive Alive

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