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'A special car!' - Chris Harris track tests the new Ford GT

2017-10-19 11:36

Image: Youtube

England - Its said that the 482kW, 347km/h, carbon-tubbed Ford GT is as about as close as possible to a fully-bred racer for the road.

Top Gear's Chris Harris tackles it in its natural habitat and branded the GT as a 'special car'.

Racing pedigree

The Ford GT was originally designed and made as a race car but was later converted into a roadcar. Harris thus explains its racing background makes for the GT to be quite an interesting bit of machinery.

He explains the chassis comprises of two springs at each corner, the one being a normal spring and the other a torsion bar (the main weight baring spring).

When put in 'track mode', it locks out the normal spring having just the torsion bar and dampers in configuration, giving the vehicle a low center of gravity. 

Harris continuously makes mention of this superb feature of the GT's chassis and summed up his experience by saying that everyone who managed to buy one is lucky.

Watch Chris Harris drive the Ford GT: 


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