Meet VW's SA-bound baby SUV, the T-Cross

A disguised prototype of the T-Cross, VW's new baby crossover SUV, is being tested on public roads.

WATCH: Bentley's new 467kW Continental GT

The new third-gen Bentley Continental GT boasts 467kW, 900Nm and a top speed of 333km/h.


Smokey Nagata: The man who created the legendary twin-turbo V12 Toyota Supra build

2018-08-23 19:01

Kazuhiko Nagata, also known as 'Smokey' worldwide, is somewhat of a legend in Japanese performance tuning. He is the guy responsible for fitting a V12 engine coupled with a twin-turbo setup into the body of a Toyota Supra.

WATCH: A stuck bear is rescued from a parked Honda Civic in the United States

2018-08-24 07:00

El Dorado County Sheriff's Office rescue a bear that found itself stuck in a car. It was released with a Less Lethal Shotgun, 'bean bag' round. Take a look at the video.

WATCH: Luxury Rolls-Royce becomes even more exclusive with its incredible, bespoke Silver Ghost Collection

2018-08-20 09:47

The Rolls-Royce ‘Silver Ghost’ was the car that established the firm's reputation as ‘The Best Car in the World’. In celebration of this defining heritage, the automaker has created a limited collection of just 35 bespoke Ghosts.

WATCH: Porsche made this epic film about Pikes Peak and it's awesome

2018-08-18 18:00

The Pikes Peak hillclimb event is one of the world's most dangerous motorsport events, consisting of 156 corners as drivers climb over 3000m as they attempt to take on the mountain in Colorado.

Bavarian battle: BMW, Audi car sales in SA

07/03/2018 09:43 'They might be neighbours in Germany but they are bitter rivals here. Is the junior German luxury brand gaining on BMW in SA?' asks Lance Branquinho as he compares BMW and Audi's local sales.
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