Women want midlife-crisis cars, too

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 MIDLIFE CRISIS: It turns out women are also susceptible to buying midlife-crisis cars, at least according to a survey by Ipsos. Image: Shutterstock ~ Shutterstock

It’s a common theory that when a man reaches middle age he will rush to buy a new - perhaps sporty, probably impractical or classic - car he’s had his eyes on years.  

A survey by global research specialist Ipsos claims to sho that women want midlife-crisis cars too.

The survey revealed that, averaged, 1 in 4 respondents were likely to buy a midlife-crisis car – 30% of men and 21% of women.


The sexes differed, however, on the type of vehicle they were likely to buy: top pick among men was a sports car (24%), among women an SUV (19%).  

You might think of a red sports car as the classic midlife car but according to the survey 20% said that they would choose a black vehicle; 19% opted for silver or grey. Blue and red were tied on 17%, yellow was dead last with two percent of the vote.

The Ipsos survey also showed 29% of men were “feel good” about middle age but only 22% of women. Overall, respondents felt positive about later life, saying it was "a time for fresh opportunities and experiences”.


Robyn Farrell, 1st for Women Insurance executive head, commented:  “Reaching middle age should be a time of celebration – you’re older but wiser and better equipped to deal with all that life throws at you.  

“This is reflected in your insurance premium, too, as once you hit the big five-oh you can usually benefit from lower premiums because you're viewed as a more responsible driver due to the amount of driving experience you have.”