SA's red-light skippers: 'Reckless and dangerous'

Is there ever a good reason to skip a red light? Western Cape EMS spokesperson Robert Daniels says: 'If you see someone approaching your vehicle, by all means go!'

What kind of car-shopper are you?
Whether you're looking for a quality ride at a good price or looking for a new set of wheels to match your image, knowing what type of car-shopper you are can take the... read more
5 tips for beating winter-driving woes
Cold engines, slippery roads... Winter poses added risk for drivers. Read our guide to surviving winter motoring blues.
Tyre tips for 4x4 drivers
If there’s one thing that Dunlop has noticed in the past few years, it’s the burgeoning number of female 4x4 or SUV enthusiasts.
Tyre rotation: Extend your tread life
Regular rotation of your tyres on a car will have a meaningful effect on tread life, as well as the vehicle's positive directional stability.
Shock dashcam-clips: Distracted teens driving
The American Automobile Association has analysed nearly 1700 dashcam clips of the seconds leading up to a crash. The results: VIDEO
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Worn tyres: A killer on the road
Research by the CSIR indicates that nearly 20% of accidents involving minibuses have tyre failure as a contributing factor.
Child restraints and road safety
Increasing vehicle sales globally has led to more crashes and injuries to vehicle occupants and particularly in low- and middle-income countries.
Blind spots and road safety
A vehicle's A-pillar creates a blind spot that obstructs the vision the several modern-car drivers. Be aware of the potential restriction it may cause in your ability... read more
4 tips to help keep your tyres in good shape
This summer, before you get your body into shape first sort out your tyres.
10 things to do after a car crash
How you react immediately after a fender-bender can avert further injuries, cut costs and minimise stress. sub: a fender-bender is unlikely to cause injury - reword pse.... read more
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10 things I learned from buying a new car
Thinking of buying a car? You need to read this first.
How to save petrol in GIFs
So the price of petrol might go up AGAIN. But we've got a few handy hints to help you save your bank balance.
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Towing: What to do if your car needs help
Involved in an accident and not sure what to do about towing your car? Here are five things you need to know…
Top 5 tips for successful road trips
Thinking of getting into your car with a few friends and hitting the open road? Here are a few things you should remember.
How to jump-start a car
If there's one thing that's an absolute must to keep in any car it's a set of jumper cables. Here’s how to use them should your car or motorcyle battery die.
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