Tyre tips for 4x4 drivers

Dunlop, Advertorial
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 Image: Suzuki ~ Supplied

If there’s one thing that Dunlop has noticed in the past few years, it’s the burgeoning number of female 4x4 or SUV enthusiasts. Whether it’s the sandy coast of Mozambique, the rocky Drakensberg Mountains or the swamps and marshlands of the Okavango Delta - the female off-roading sorority has become a force to be reckoned with and an increasingly popular pastime for those looking to enjoy the wide-open spaces with friends and family.

Reaching places inaccessible to conventional vehicles is a thrill that’s hard to beat and Dunlop boasts a 4x4 or SUV tyre to match any off-road terrain.

Here are some tips from our off-roading tips for our intrepid female drivers

Most 4x4 owners take steps to protect their vehicle with the latest equipment and follow rigorous maintenance programs to keep their expensive vehicles in top running order. However, they’re often not prepared for off-road tyre emergencies.

Tyre safety equipment

•    Recovery straps and hi-lift jacks are nice to have if you have to do some repair work in an inhospitable environment.  

•    Wherever you’re going it’s extremely important that all your tyres have valve caps, preferably metal ones with o-ring seals, to ensure that the valve core is protected from mud and sand. Dunlop recommends carrying a spare set because they do have a habit of going missing on your travels through the outback without the convenience of a mall or hardware store close by.

•    Another vital piece of equipment is a comprehensive tyre repair kit incorporating seals, patches, and foam. Packing sidewall bridges are also a good idea when travelling long distances off-road.

•    A quality pressure gauge and pump for deflating and re-inflating tyres is another off-road must-have. An electric one that plugs into the vehicle’s auxiliary socket is recommended

 Dunlop recommends safe and sensible off-road driving. The journey is more often than not the best part of the show, so take it slow and enjoy whatever obstacles your route throws in your path – it’s all part of the experience.

Check your tyres before and after tackling any obstacle, learn how to take a tyre off its rim, repair and replace it. This can be a real life-saver when you’re days’ drive from a tyre dealer or garage.

Deflate your tyres where necessary, particularly in soft, sandy conditions but remember to re-inflate them as soon as possible. The leading cause of 4X4 tyre failure is under-inflated tyres being driven at speed when the vehicle gets back onto tar.

Off-roading is a great adventure for the whole family, so make sure that you’re well prepared to tackle any hurdle that comes your way. It’s hardly the spot to call for your local tow-truck and more often than not, it will be your own innovation and survival proficiency that will see you through the prickly situations. Great off-roading starts with great tyres – so stay drive safe with Dunlop.

- Dunlop, Advertorial