Tyre care-tips made easy

Dunlop, Advertorial
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Tyres are one of those products that people often take for granted. While we can’t wait to run out and show friends and family our new smartphone, chances you didn’t race over to your BFF’s home to boast over the new tyres that you just had fitted to your car.


Until something goes awry and then it becomes an urgent priority, and puts us ladies in a bit of a pickle because it’s not, in most instances, our preferred area of expertise. Remember the only parts of your vehicle that actually touch the road…are your tyres! Those four pieces of rubber are critically important in keeping you and your precious cargo safe.


Consulting the Manual – is hardly anyone’s idea of riveting reading and so, in the interest of breaking down the boundaries of a somewhat boring topic, Dunlop has set about to change that perception with their range of fun, animated tyre care video clips now available on YouTube.


Tyre Care Tips – the modern and jazzed up version of essential elements integral to keeping your tyres in good health and, subsequently safe on the road, are now available in an easy to follow format that appeals to a wide audience.


Currently playlisted on their YouTube channel under Dunlop Tyres SA, the vibrant and contemporary clips have an easy-going retro appeal and have been a big hit with viewers so far. The clips work their way through some of the more basic tyre guidelines detailing the reasons why tyres should be balanced, aligned and rotated regularly, as well as explaining tread depth indicators, sidewall markings and the dangers of incorrect inflation. All in all a one stop shop to bringing you up to speed (excuse the pun) on everything you need to know about tyres and their importance to you and your vehicle.


Even if you're not in the market for a new set of tyres just yet, or don't have any issues with your tyres, make sure to check out the clips for a bit of fun and insight. These valuable tips will be sure to save you money down the line.

- Dunlop, Advertorial