Tips for dealing with your mechanic

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1) Do not sign blank forms 
Always ask before you sign anything and if you feel uncomfortable ask a manager or supervisor about what signing would entail.

2) Always read forms carefully
This sounds cliched but you should always read the small print on any form you're given to sign by your 
mechanic. Ask the mechanic to explain jargon. Clarifying will not make you a poppie. 

3) Don't always buy the cheaper substance
Murphy's law will always have it that you will need to visit the mechanic a week before pay day. This leaves us vulnerable to making the most economical decisions. Some motor oils may cost more but in the long run will save you trips back to the mechanic.

4) Avoid saying that you are getting a second opinion
Do not let it slip that this is your second visit to a mechanic, if indeed it is. This is because your mechanic can ask how much the last place asked you for and he could rip you off.

5) Ask for your tyre's build date.
Some mechanics will sell old tyres at an exceptionally low price and will get  away with it.   

6) Always ask for your old parts.
Sadly, some mechanics will claim to have replaced parts when they haven't. Do not fall for this.

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