5 apps that could change the way you drive

Annzra Denita
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Technology, smart phones and apps have merged to make driving and car maintenance that much easier.

To save you the trouble of sifting through thousands of online apps, we have selected five of the coolest apps that could change the way you drive.

1 Waze - (Andriod, iOS, Free)

Traffic is the worst; You try leaving 30min before rush hour, tune-in to traffic reports, take alternative routes but you still can’t avoid it.

According to Tom’s Guide, the Waze app uses crowd-sourced information from road users for real-time traffic updates. Waze users can update you on traffic situations such as crashes and road blocks. It also allows you to post traffiucx c notifications - nothing like drivers coming together to help each other on the road.

2 aCar (Andriod, Free)

How much do you spend on petrol? When is your car due for its next service? What’s your current mileage? Despite spending thousands of Rands on vehicles many of us aren't diligent about keeping records of our cars.

aCar allows you to enter a wide variety of information so you can keep track of your vehicle. You can record the specifications of your car and track more than one vehicle.

If you want more features you can upgrade to the Pro version for R65.

3 Park Me (Andriod, iOS, Free)

Anyone who has ever driven in a city centre knows what a nightmare parking can be, especially if you're unfamiliar with the area you're travelling in. You drive around with a wild look in your eyes searching for a parking spot.

Car guards either harass or ignore you, you’re not sure if you have enough money to pay for the undercover parking and you end up leaving your car far from your destination.

Park Me is an app that shows you which areas you can park in, be it a street side or a car park, and how much it will cost. You can even reserve a parking spot at certain locations.

4 inRoute (iOS, Free)

Planning a long road trip with the family? InRoute can plan a road-trip according to distance, weather and elevation and informs your about great places to visit along the way.

According to Techlicious, if you are not sure which places of interest are on the way to your location, inRoute has a search option to help you find them. You can use it on your iPhone or iPad. It will help you turn that next long distance drive into a fun road adventure.

5 Canary (Andriod, iOS, Free)

This app is for travelling moms. Once you handover keys to a vehicle to your teenager you unlock another level of stress you never knew you could reach.

It’s bad enough when your children are glued to their cellphone at home, once they're on the road you'll have to wonder if they are texting and driving or sticking to the speed limit.

According to Tom’s Guide, Canary will notify you if your child's smart phone is being used while they're driving (i.e if they are moving at 20km/h or more). You will also be notified if your child is breaking the speed limit and allow you to set perimeters and/or curfews.

Now that you know about these cool apps, you will be on top of your driving game all the time.

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